About Us

KMSG Technologies is people. We take pride in enriching the lives of our partners, i.e. employees and customers. We take pride in resolving our customer's problems by translating technology into solutions.

In today's world, where most of the IT companies are aiming towards profit maximization, we target customer trust as our top most priority. We first understand customer business, their problems and accordingly provide reliable and quality solutions based on our value for money philosophy.

We aim to provide solutions for Industries like Finance, Insurance, Travel and Transportation, Hotels, Education, HR and Payroll systems.

We state it openly; we are a young startup hence winning customer confidence is our first motive to ensure we expand by their references.

We are people who have more than 20 years Industry experience during our association with Insurance companies, banking and finance corporations, manufacturing giants, manpower consulting and some of the largest Airlines around the globe.

We consider our employees as our partners and aim to share profit with them. At KMSG, we treat employees as our greatest assets who actually contribute towards the growth of our company.

  • Company

    KMSG Technologies' vision is to be the first choice of solution provider for existing partners. We aim to

    1) Enable new entrants or existing Insurance companies/agents to expand their wings in fastest markets like India where there are 1.3 billion people with more than 50% below the age of 25.

    2) Help airlines provide a world class, component based, flexible and revenue generating reservation portals.

    3) Enable medium and large organizations manage their employees' portal, appraisal system and payroll processing efficiently at the lowest possible cost.

    4) Enable medium and large schools/colleges to focus on students and studies and transfer all technology management with us.

    5) Enable companies have intelligent mobile websites/apps.


    We would highly appreciate if you have any query or feedback.