Zero Coding Defect

We ensure Zero defects and we do everything possible to get there

Profit making Projects

We are here to make profits by ensuring that our customers business needs are met

Serve existing Customers First

We work towards ensuring that we are the first choice for our existing customers

Technical and Domain Expertise

We are the experts in our technical areas and understand our chosen domains

We are an organized team known for high Integrity, aptitude, Innovation and Performance.

Design is the fundamental soul of a human-made creation that ends up expressing itself in successive outer layers of the product or service

Strategic IT Partnership

Solutions Provider beyond Outsourcing Partner

Enterprise Applications

Handle end-to-end business modeling

Data Analytics and Machine Learning

Produce rainbows out of data bits

Digital roadmap

Love managing Terabytes


Unlimited Colors

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Font Customizer

Sed posuere consectetur est at lobortis faucibus dolor auctor.


Browser Compatibility

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Unparalleled Support

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Complete automation of Vehicles auction management process

The state of the art CRM meant to improve the productivity and increase revenue. What started with a small tool for inhouse consumption is today a fully integrated end-to-end system which integrates sellers, buyers and the backoffice operations.

Airlines Booking Portal
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Airlines Booking Portal

Complex real-time airlines problems addressed and brought to closure. Able to solve complex real-time scheduling problems efficiently.

End to end eCommerce system
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End to end eCommerce system

Right from orders to sales and inventory management under a single umbrella.

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Matrimonial Application

Scientifically bring user matches that matches with user preferences and profile.

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Provides the platform for collaboration between manicurists and customers. Customers can place private or public orders. Manicurists are assigned based on location proximity.

Family Tracker
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Family Tracker

Tracks the location precisely and quickly informs the violations to the user and summary of calls, messages, videos, images, map location of violator outside geofencing area captured at the time of violation.

Question Bank
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Question Bank

Contributors contribute the questions and answers which are accepted or rejected by other contributors and admin approval. Conducts the examination asking random questions with time limit on the basis of candidate level.

  • I am quite pleased with the services provided by KMSG Technologies. The speed at which the product was delivered is amazing. We initiated the discussion in January and within 5 months, we are delivered a fully functional system. Their founder took personal interest and visited our office multiple times. He had extensive discussions with all the stakeholders (users, managers, people who will do data entry, sales and marketing people) to understand different angles that our system will be used and incorporated their need and feedback. He helped clarify the thought process of people, which ideally we should have done ourselves. The solution was designed in an evolutionary way whereby the first version tried to meet the immediate need of ours and build on it subsequently. Even though some of the needs changed over time, they were flexible enough and the design was good to take care of the changes. The product has smoothed the processes for the entire product line in India and helped us enhance the productivity of our team greatly. -Shankar Aggarwal, CTO

  • KMSG Technologies is a highly capable and productive team. They were able to quickly ramp up our project and bring in the right consultants for the task to achieve a high level of productivity. Their contact person communicates very well and regularly, allowing us to adjust as we developed out product together. They carry a lot of experience across many technologies, which allows us to optimize around a best solution. I highly recommend KMSG Technologies and their services.-Chris, CEO

  • Harry was a delight to work with. He was patient in understanding the (changing) requirements, was able to match these to appropriate technology and was able to deliver a well tested and functioning application. I also had the pleasure of meeting him and found him to be an honest and ethical entrepreneur with a good vision. I wish Harry all the success.-(WebScrapping Project Owner)

  • KMSG Technologies team is excellent at taking high-level objectives and converting them into clear, actionable results. Their deliverables were easy to understand and they had clear technical mastery of their tools. I look forward to continue the relationship with team.- Meccanoid User Behavior Analytics Team

Our Core Team


True to our philosophy of "people. knowledge. technology... solutions" we believe that our associates are our strength. It is these associates who have never let us down. When provided with the right knowledge and technology, this team has done wonders.

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His smile solves all problems.
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Active guy working on React.
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Digital Marketing/SMO with bubbly smile.
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When he deals, it is confirmed.
Zunaid Alam


Charming personality contributes to the Face Value.
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No it was not Azad's style, his mustaches are inspired by Data Science graphs!
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Data Analytics is the only data that make sense for him.
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Always find him in the cloud "Akash".
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His smartness solves all backend coding problems.
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Perfectionist by nature, lives under high optimism.
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Artist by nature and creative by choice.
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Visionary thinker provides simple solutions to complex problems.

Locate Us!

We are located in the National Capital Region (NCR)


Sector-7 RajNagar


KMSG Technologies' vision is to be the first choice of solution provider for existing partners. We aim to
1. Enable new entrants or existing Insurance companies/agents to expand their wings in fastest markets like India where there are 1.3 billion people with more than 50% below the age of 25.
2. Help airlines provide a world class, component based,flexible and revenue generating reservation portals.
3. Enable medium and large organizations manage their ERP and CRM processing efficiently at the lowest possible cost.
4. Enable medium and large schools/colleges to focus on students and studies and transfer all technology management with us.


Recent Portfolio

About KMSG


KMSG Technologies is people. We take pride in enriching the lives of our partners, i.e. employees and customers. We take pride in resolving our customer's problems by translating technology into solutions. In today's world, where most of the IT companies are aiming towards profit maximization, we target customer trust as our top most priority. We first understand customer business, their problems and accordingly provide reliable and quality solutions based on our value for money philosophy. We aim to provide solutions for Industries like Travel, Transportation, Logistics, Hotels, Education, and Payroll systems. We state it openly; we are a young startup hence winning customer confidence is our first motive to ensure we expand by their references.